Interview Snippets - Susan

On 6th June we interviewed Susan Nixon.  Susan has lived on Warley Road all of her life and has many memories to share.  Here are some of them:

When asked about her early life:


And about childhood games:


Memories of Christmas:


And of how open the area was:


Finally, remembering St Aidan's hall in the Stringfellow days:

Interview Snippets - Bertha

Our latest interview was with Bertha Jones (known as Babs) who wasn't born in the area but she's lived on Dovercourt Road for 60 years.

Here she is talking about moving in:


And here about her mother:


And finally about her wedding reception:

Manor Lodge Heritage Session

Our session at Manor Lodge on 5th June was enjoyed by all who attended and was very interesting.  Grace Tebbutt talked to us about the history of the industrial hamlet that started up in the ruins of Manor Lodge in Victorian times - they even had a pub!  We looked through a range of really intriguing documentation including censuses and photographs and then we went on a tour of the site focusing just on the areas used by the Manor villagers. 

The community archive that we used is available to the public.  Contact Green Estate on 0114 276 2828 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you want to go and have a look for yourself.

Interview Snippets - Betty and Maureen

On 15th April we interviewed friends Betty Frost and Maureen Mundy.  Betty has lived on the Manor almost all of her life, whereas Maureen is a Sheffielder who moved away and then came back to live on the Manor relatively recently.

Betty talked about a bad experience at school:


And Maureen spoke about childhood games:


And her first sight of the sea:


Betty remembers the morning after one of the Sheffield blitzes:


Maureen recalled her wedding:


And finally Betty talked about the old Manor community spirit.

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