Talk on Street Names

Our next event will be a talk entitled The Origin of Street names by Ray Battye.  This will look at how street names come about, with an emphasis on the Sheffield area, including the Manor.  It will take place on Tuesday 30th July at 2pm at St Aidan's Church on Manor Lane.  Please come along and find out more about this interesting subject.

Interview Snippets - Dorothy and Carol

The latest interview was with Dorothy Gale and Carol Fletcher on 27th June.  Both had lived on the Manor in their early years.


Dorothy recalled her first memory:


And Carol remembered horse riding on City Road:

Your Memories of the Area Session

The next session in our programme of events is the Your Memories of the Area reminiscence session.  This will be an informal discussion where you can share memories and stories with other people - quite often people remember the same things which can lead to an interesting and lively discussion.

The session will take place at St Aidan's Church on Manor Lane at 2pm on Monday 1st July.  No need to book.

Interview Snippets - Keith and Pat

On 18th June we interviewed Keith Bowden and Pat Seyboth, friends who had met quite recently but who had grown up in the same area.  They had many stories to tell.


They both talked about their early life:


Keith recalled his earliest memory:


And Pat remembered having a tin bath:


Keith talked about a holiday memory:


And both of them recalled sledging as children:


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