Interview Snippets - Patrick and Veronica

On 18th March we interviewed Patrick and Veronica Roe.  Patrick was brought up on City Road and Veronica had been to school in the area.


When asked about his father being the local undertaker, Patrick said:


And Veronica spoke about her school days, which she loved:


Patrick recalled being a milk monitor at school:


And Veronica remembers making winter warmers:


As well as going shopping:


And Patrick talked about an elephant!

Manor Memories Walking Trail

As you may be aware, as part of the Manor Memories project we are planning to produce a walking trail of the Manor area.  To make this different from all the other trails and maps showing the usual landmarks, we want to make our trail a reminiscence trail.  This means that the places of note will be places that perhaps are no longer there but hold fond memories, or places where you may have played, or visited over the years and which are important parts of Manor history.

We really need your help to make this happen.  Could you please let us know of any such places that could be included on the trail?  Further down this post is a list of some of the places we know about.  If you can expand on them (exactly where they were located, what was special about them, personal memories of the places) or suggest some of your own then that would be brilliant.

Please contact Nicola Smith on 0114 2780707 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manor Community Centre (bombed during the war)

Manor Hotel (where was this?)

Army base on Manor Lane (whereabouts?)

Peluzzi’s shop (sweets?)

Eason’s shop

Cowlishaw farm

Downings Farm

Fishing Pond on Queen Mary Road

Pit ponds on either side of Mansfield Road

Manor Cinema

The plane that crashed

St Aidan’s Church Hall (Peter Stringfellow)

Other shops, social meeting places

School or church stories

Pit Hill slag heap

Tin Chapel

Open air swimming pool – Bowden Houstead Woods


We took a display up to Manor Lodge on Saturday 25th May for their first Retro History Fair in assocation with the Sheffield Star.  You can read the article here.

And a couple of weeks ago there was an article about Manor Memories and Malcolm Mercer - click here.

And finally, last year, there was an article printed about the Manor, prior to this project starting, which might be of interest - click here.

Next Event - Heritage Session at Manor Lodge

Our next event is a heritage session at the Discovery Centre at Manor Lodge on Manor Lane.  This is to find out more about the Victorian industrial hamlet in the ruins of the lodge.  We will be looking at censuses and newspaper cuttings and it promises to be an interesting afternoon.  The event is on Wednesday 5th June between 1pm and 4pm.

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